Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The View From the Organist Box

Sue Nelson is one of my favorite musicians of all time. Not unlike The Hold Steady, her music actually helps the Twins win ballgames! Sue plays the organ at the Metrodome, and she loves her job --for good reason, too. Getting paid to do something she loves while watching baseball. Her sweet music helps soothe the restless baseball fans in times of defeat. And from the tips of her fingers, she rallies them together when their team needs them.

I got to chatting with Sue during Friday's game. Here are a few things I learned:

- She loves kids, and often makes school visits to tell the children about her glamorous job in the music business.

- They're taking the same organ to Target Field next year, so it'll probably be a lot of the same sound and the same classic music.

- Apparently Target Field won't have a football press box, so she and the organ will be moving into nicer digs, much closer to the action.

- We both found it funny that many fans, and even some staff, don't know there's a live organ at the Metrdome.

- She loves visitors! She's a wonderful lady, so next time you're at the dome, feel free to run up and say, 'thanks!'


Jim H. said...

Target Field won't have a football press box??!

John Gordon will have to make some adjustments. "Morneau put that one deep into the footb....I mean the... what is that out in deep right field, anyway? Boog Powell's Barbeque?

Nice behind-the-secenes work by the AH! investigative team.


brex said...

Is this the beginning of a "faces of the metrodome" series? If so, I can't wait for program and mardy gras beads guy.

Anonymous said...

Ha. That guy is great. I love how he gets real close and whispers the prices as he holds out his merchandise.

tfrezac2002 said...

I can't wait for the peice on the elisive "seat nazi." Scientists have been trying to capture her on film in her natural habitat for years.

Anonymous said...

The Organist's Box has sexual innuendo written all over it

Anonymous said...

I miss Ronny Newman!!!