Monday, August 24, 2009

Gabino adds awesomeness to already awesome rotation

Armando Leisdeker Gabino will make his major league debut when he starts against the Orioles on Tuesday. It's been a meteoric rise for the 25 year old Dominican Republican prospect. He was discovered by famed scout 'Lucky' Leon Simon at the age of sixteen. Lucky Leon is one of just two scouts who are legally blind, and must evaluate players using the other four senses. (A's general manager Billy Beane loves this guy - he believes tasting is one the most objective ways to grade a ballplayer.) As the story goes, Lucky Leon was wandering through a Dominican ghetto and literally ran into Armando Gabino. He apologized to the teenager and kept walking, but he had noticed something. Gabino smelled like a ballplayer...a pitcher....a control artist. As the old blind scout walked away, the teenage pitcher did what any nasty teenager in the ghetto would. He picked up a frog and threw it at the blind man. Luckily it missed and hit a brick apartment building. Gabino was signed to a contract ten minutes later. Lucky Leon had heard the frog buzz through the air and the splat against the brick. Only he thought the frog was a baseball, and Gabino could throw so hard that the baseball would splat. Of course, Lucky Leon believed he had signed the greatest pitcher ever.

The rest of the rotation

Scott Baker is probably the best pitcher in the rotation right now. This guy is so boring.

Nick Blackburn hasn't won a game in about a month and a half.

Carl Pavano has had two good performances and two bad performances since joining the Twins. His ERA stands at 5.32

Brian Duensing has made two starts this season, and picked up his first win on Saturday. Could he be that ace for the playoff run?

In the heat of a pennant race, a team needs a lot of pitching. The Twins are awfully lucky that their rotation features consistency and awesomeness. Ron Gardenhire and Rick Anderson must be very pleased with how this storybook season is shaping up: trading for a legendary pitcher at past the deadline and getting a potential phenom from the minors in August.

Oh, and what's this? Boof Bonser is progressing quickly, and could come off the disabled list in September?!?!?!

Look out, Detroit!


Topper said...

Oh, Lucky Leon! He's a dear personal friend of Sid Hartman, as are all his players, right?

haasertime said...

yup, and according to Sid, Leon wouldn't have got his big break if it weren't for the strings Sid pulled.

TwinsWin83 said...

Isnt that how Albert Brooks found Steve Nebraska in The Scout?

Mike, either youve been spending all day reading the negative comments on the Strib website from every rube in Minnesota on every article ever written about the Twins or your just really that typical of a minnesota sports fan.

Support your team once in a while. Yeah their pitching rotation is shit and has been shit for most of this season but guess what, thats the way it happens in baseball sometimes.

Going into this season everyone thought the rotation was going to be the teams strongest link and instead the offense is the only reason the Twins are even hovering around .500. Who woulda believed that in March? But thats baseball, nothing is ever for certain. Deal with it and be a fan and try and enjoy the ride a little bit, frustrating or not.

I mean it could be worse. You could be a Pirates fan.

haasertime said...

better sarcasm & humor in negativity.

soup said...

I'm so excited that Gabino finally gets a chance to start.

Just kidding. I have never heard of him until now.

You want some possitivity? We play at home against Baltimore. Sox play at Red Sox and Detroit plays at LAA.

Objects = closer

Topper said...

Well. I am positive that we wouldn't even have heard of Gabino if the original 5 guys had done their job. Baker and Slowey get a pat on the back though.

Anonymous said...

Joaquin Andujar was quoted on the radio yesterday as "a great baseball phlosopher."

The quote: "Baseball and life can both be summed up in just one word: You never know."

That's Berra-worthy!


Anonymous said...

Senor Gabino he no make frog splat tonite.