Monday, August 10, 2009

Teams with better records than the Twins

NY Yankees 69 - 43 .616
LA Dodgers 67 - 45 .598
LA Angels 65 - 44 .596
Boston 63 - 48 .568
Texas 62 - 48 .564
Philadelphia 61 - 48 .560
Colorado 62 - 50 .554
St. Louis 63 - 51 .553
Tampa Bay 61 - 50 .550
San Francisco 61 - 50 .550
Detroit 59 - 52 .532
Chicago Cubs 58 - 52 .527
Florida 59 - 53 .527
Seattle 58 - 53 .523
Atlanta 58 - 54 .518
Chicago Sox 57 - 55 .509
Milwaukee 55 - 56 .495
Houston 55 - 57 .491
Minnesota 54 - 57 .486

How's that for depressing? Atlanta, Houston, Florida, Seattle, San Fransisco are better than the Twins.

Luckily, the Royals are in town, followed by Cleveland. The schedule gives them a chance to move from 19th place in the majors to maybe 17th.


Anonymous said...

Here's another way to put it. As of August 11, 2009:

In the AL East, the Twins would be in 4th place, 14 games out.

In the AL West, the twins would be in 4th place, 15 games out.


haasertime said...

if you want to speculate further: if the Twins were in one of those divisions they'd probably have a much worse record, because they'd actually be playing halfway decent teams.

Anonymous said...

Who are we going to blame it on? I mean, with all of this deserved Twins negativity there must be some names we can mention. Smih? Baker? Frank? Redmond? Gardy? Bat boy? The Metrodome? The fans? AH!? Umpires? Anderson?(I didn't mean that) Crain? Young? Slowey's wrist?

It sucks to be bad. In a month I hope I can ask the question. Who's to blame for the 5, 6, and 7 game winning streaks we stole the division with? Until then, I'm blaming Gardy. Even though I can't name a reason or replacement (seems to be the popular stance of sports minds around the city) dumb.

Anonymous said...

It's a good list to keep in mind when you read whining about the Twins "lack of effort" leading up to the non-waiver trade deadline.

Freddy Sanchez wasn't going to move the Twins up 10 spots on that list. Neither would Roy Halladay.

This is a team of extremes and the extremely good (Mauer, Morneau, Nathan) aren't enough to overcome the extremely bad (2nd base, overall starting pitching, etc.).

bizmarkie507 said...

i blame the rotation most of all. Frankie and Baker were supposed to be the best on this team, and have both been, hands down, the worst. And overall the bullpen sucks, but if they only have to pitch 2-3 innings a night, they would be a lot better. When your starters only go 4-5 innings, then you have no choice but to throw freaking Keppel and Crain in there at some point.

TwinsWin83 said...

Arent we just true blue MN sports fans across the board here at AH!?

Holy shit people I know things arent going well for the Twins now but they are only 5 games back with nearly 2 months left in the season. It isnt quite yet time to throw in the towel yet. The winner of the Central is going to be the team that can reel off 10 wins in 12 games between now and the first of October and there is no reason to believe that cant be the Twinkies.

Anonymous said...

What are the reasons that it could be the "Twinkies"? The same reasons that it couldn't be the Twins? All the current problems wil just melt away? 10 in a row...ummm

haasertime said...

10 wins in 12 games? If you believe the Twins can do that, I have some property to sell you. On the moon. You'll be neighbors with Alexi 'space cadet' Casilla.