Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday Student Night - Staying Classy

Every professional sports venue in America has had seen it's share of depraved spectator behavior. Besides Vikings games, the Metrodome has designed one night, and one seating area, for the worst of the worst stadium etiquette.

The dome is pretty drab and plastic; devoid of much character. The crowd is generally a docile, Minnesota-nice bunch. Except on Wednesday nights in the cheap seats. The promotion was originally aimed at getting parents to bring kids to games, offering a half-off student discount. But in the past five years, it has devolved into a Community College-sponsored douchefest. All you need is a student I.D. to get a four dollar upper deck general admission ticket. I've used my extremely expired I.D. to get cheap tickets a couple of times this year, but I'm pretty sure I've outgrown it. Something about the ridiculousness of watching an old guy get his ass kicked for popping a beach ball probably had something to do with it.

The Metrodome is a stones throw from the U of M and their 60,000 students, so the Twins usually sell all 15,000 of their worst tickets. It's hard to find a seat, and kids end up sitting above the rafters. Luckily, the drunks start to leave when the dollar dogs are gone, the high schoolers on hard drugs are gone by the 7th, and it's half empty by the 8th.

I can't imagine why anyone would pay to drink where the beers cost like $6.5o, considering many of them aren't there for the baseball. It must be a social thing: to see and be seen. So, for one night a week, the dome has Wrigley beat in one category.

Though I'll keep this in perspective. Next year, I promise I'll be waxing nostalgic about the absurdly cheap prices and great atmosphere of the dome, as I'm spending billions of dollars for tickets at Target Field.


TwinsWin83 said...

You mean all the nfld high schoolers on heroin are gone by the 7th?

Dont act like you havent been there before Mr. Author. I seem to remember a few times loading up the old caravan and heading up to the dome in an annoying stupor.

bizmarkie507 said...

Yeah I'm not gonna rip on drunk high school/college kids in the cheap seats because that used to be me.

Alex said...

I couldn't find a link. If you want to e-mail me at the address below and delete this, that would be great:

Anonymous said...


I can, and often do, rip on these cats. If you want to get drunk at a game, (not my bag, but whatever) go ahead. But at least have enough respect for those who actually do want to watch and enjoy the game do so.

I have also found a new sports pet peeve to take the place of the wave; the beach ball.