Friday, February 20, 2009

Random Thoughts

- Have you heard Paradise by the dashboard light by Meatloaf? It's a great song. It's like nine minutes long and pretty funny. There's a cheesy part of the epic song where Phil Rizzuto is doing a play-by-play of a baseball game, but clearly referring to what's going on in the backseat.

Indeed, Meatloaf has a great sense of humor when it comes to love. In Paradise, he promises a girl that he'll love her until the end of time, in exchange for sex. Soon after, he explains that he's, "praying for the end of time." Apparently he learned his lesson, because later in the album he explains: "I want you, I need you, But -- there ain't no way I'm ever gonna love you. Now don' t be sad - 'cause two out of three ain't bad."

Moneyball Pitt

- If you haven't read Moneyball, you should. Brad Pitt read it. He liked it so much, he wants to turn it into a movie. I'm trying to imagine this, but I can't. I'm sure they'll add some Hollywood twists, like Angelina Jolie is in love with Nick Swisher but she's a Red Sox fan. Or the A's chartered plane's cargo hold unlocks and thousands of deadly snakes are released. Which lead to players getting snake bites. Which lead to amazing eyesight. Which lead to an absurd amount of walks. Which lead to Billy Beane coming up with his baseball M-theory: Snakes + Walks = Runs.

Streetfightin' Men

- Apparently karaoke is on the rise, as bars don't want to shell out the money for live bands (in these tough economic times) And so is karaoke-related violence. And why shouldn't it? A lot of people are very serious about getting up in front of strangers and showing off. A guy got stabbed to death in Malaysia for refusing to give up the mic.

I have personal experience - I once [knew a kid who] was a few sheets to the wind and was sick of hearing some dork sing a really slow country love song. So [he] got up and unplugged the guys monitor so he couldn't sing anymore. You're liable to get your ass kicked doing something like that.

All this talk about karaoke got me wondering about the most popular karaoke songs. So I emailed some dude from a local entertainment company. He must specialize in country, because here's his reply:

The best I could do would be an educated guess:

Female Songs: The Rose, Crazy, Mama He's Crazy, Goodbye Earl, Any Man Of Mine.

Male Songs: Your Cheatin' Heart, You Never Even Call Me By My Name, Mountain Music, Beer For My Horses, Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy).

Metrodome spotting:

Daymonster reports that while watching USA's cop comedy, "psych" he noticed outdoor shots of their Thunderdome looked curiously similar to our own Metrodome.

Wow. A building that''s been on national TV that's right down the street from my house. This is up therw with other famous buildings on national television, including the music video for Aerosmith's I don't wanna miss a thing (filmed at the Minneapolis Armory (I park my car where Steven Tyler sang!)) Or when Courtney Cox was pulled from a screaming St. Paul Civic Center crowd and into Bruce Springsteen's arms in the Dancing in the Dark music video. You're welcome, Courtney Cox.


bizmarkie507 said...

I have absolutely nothing in common with anybody who requests to sing save a horse ride a cowboy at karaoke.

soup said...

Your Meatloaf lyrical studies are a bit too thorough.

Ha. "Snakes on A's Plane" I love it. I haven't read Moneyball, and I want too. But, without reading it, where's the climax? What, the A's win the AL West? That's it?

The best karaoke songs are TV show theme songs. All karaoke places have them. The theme songs from Family Matters and The Mary Tyler Moore show are the best. They're short, easy to sing, and everyone knows the words.

I was actually just thinking about doing a post combining the elements from the Metrodome and Mad Max's Thunderdome. Once my photoshop skills improve, I will do so. Good catch, Daymonster.

TwinsWin83 said...

That karaoke reference reminds me of this time this kid got really sick of this lousy dj at a bar who was playing nothing but lousy heavy metal, no matter how much this kid requested other, more appropriate tunes for him and his friends to sing.

And then this kid, who will remain nameless, decided to get even with the lousy dj by stealing everyone of the giant song catalogs of the dj's that were laying around the bar.

I know this to be a true story because I found the absurd amount of song catalogs in the back of my car the next day.

You ever heard of anything that ridiculous Mike?

haasertime said...

ahaha. The Dj told us no one else could sing, and then 10 minutes later some dirtballs were singing Pantera.

needless to say, I hate Karaoke DJs.

bizmarkie507 said...

yes I was there. That was a priceless memory

haasertime said...

Joe Crede: How many homeruns will he have by the all-star break?

Anonymous said...

Anagram for Joe Crede: Co-ed Jeer.

If he has fewer than 12 HR by the All-Star break, co-eds will not be the only ones jeering.

Harris to AZ for Cruz?


Daymonster said...

Crede signs with twins.

"I think it's going to be tough playing 80 games on turf. I don't how that's going to hold up on his back. Obviously we'll see." - Mark Buehrle

haasertime said...

"I don't know how that's going to hold up on his back"

How whats going to hold up on his back? The turf?

For once, buerhle and i agree on something. Watch out turf, cuz Crede's back is going to fuck you up.

bizmarkie507 said...

haha think Buerhle might be a little bitter? I cant wait for him to retire.