Friday, February 6, 2009

Off season analysis for visual learners

This off season has been a bit hectic for Twins fans. With all the players signings and abritrations avoided, it's understandably difficult to keep it all straight. This is a guide to the Twins' off season for the visual learners amongst us. Also, it is a little known fact that 20% of the readers that read baseball blogs can't read. So, this is also a good way for those people to be a part of the Twins community.

First, let's look at what the Twins have done to address the late inning relief issues we had last year. A Venn diagram will be the magical vehicle we use for our journey of knowledge and understanding.

Joe Crede is the name that's currently throwing weapons grade plutonium on the hot stove flame. Joe C has been keeping us abreast of the on-going Crede saga that has all of Twins Territory captivated. Christensen relays that reports indicate that Crede is 75% healthy.

Well, apparently Christensen got some bad information about the 25% back owy. Crede's agent, Scott Boras, says that Crede is 100%, and I can't think of any reason Boras would say that if it wasn't true.

Crede is apparently asking for a base salary of $5.1 million. Currently, the Twins are not willing to invest that much. If Crede lowers his asking price the Twins might be willing to take the risk. Confusing, I know. This supply and demand curve should help you understand (price in millions of dollars)

There you have it. You can clearly see that the quantity of Credes demanded by the Twins at $5.1 million is zero. Hope this helps.

Joe Christensen also noted that a Twins official is 90% sure that there will be no notable roster changes before spring training. He also explained that if Crede's health goes from 75% to 90-95%, they could have a match.


haasertime said...

according to the diagram, 4 million bux would do it. Someone get Smith on the phone!

But seriously, I wish they'd sign him instead of coming up with really lame excuses. Like, "fieldTurf"

Daymonster said...

Anything above 5.1 million and the Twins demand goes negative. What does that mean? Is that like a bounty on his head?

Daymonster said...

Also, what part of RA Dickey did we sign?

soup said...

To the left of equilibrium is zero. To the right is one. I think.

"Also, what part of RA Dickey did we sign?"

the part that plays profession baseball without a ligament is his throwing arm.

haasertime said...

Does luis ayala count as a significant move?

Anonymous said...

It counts as a significant downgrade. He was part of the worst bull pen in the history of the game when he was with the mets, and then they let him go?

Sign Joe Crede, I've been saying since 2005 I want him on the Twins.


TwinsWin83 said...

A-Rod? Really?

Man, its gonna be decades now before all of this crap goes away. As much as I dislike A-Rod and always have, a part of me was hoping he would eventualy break Bonds' record and then we wouldnt have to worry/argue/think about having such a tainted home-run king. Not gonna happen now.

bizmarkie507 said...

103 names on that list. this era is completely f*cked for baseball. completely f*cked. Even if you're innocent, you're still gonna be shrouded with suspicion.