Monday, February 23, 2009

Joe Crede Thoughts

A bunch of our contributors weigh in on the recent acquisition of Joe Crede.

Soup - - First, good for Crede for taking this deal. I'm not sure how it all went down, but it

seems like he wants to play baseball and play for a winning team. And also good for the Twins. Many fans wanted them just to sign him for $5-$7 million just because we had the money, but the front office held their ground and got a really good deal. I'm fine with Buscher playing one day a week or so and being a left handed bat off the bench. Hopefully Harris gets some time at short. He hits the ball hard and was third on the team in doubles last year. Tolbertshould start the year in AAA. If Crede has 500 ABs, he hits 24 bombs.

Twinswin83 - - Crede is a win-win situation for the Twins. At the very least, the dreaded Metrodome Turf Monster devours every last bit of Crede's back and we never hear from him again. At the very best, he returns to his All-Star form, hits 30 dingers, drives in 100 runs and wins a Gold Glove while pushing the Twins into the playoffs all while providing the much-needed support in the batting order behind Morneau. The results will likely be somewhere in between those to exaggerated scenarios. And I'm fine with that. At least we have something to talk about now after a long, long, long offseason of crickets providing the only noise in the front office.

If Crede is in our dugout wearing the “TC” on his lid that means he can’t possibly be swinging for the other team and thus adding to his ridiculous “Twin Killer” resume, and that is a win in itself.

Haasertime - Obviously, I'm thrilled to have him on the team. I realize that he has a tough time getting on base, but I like his defense. Of course, there's that turf thing. So I asked a FieldTurf guy if there was any evidence of the surface being tough on backs, and here's his reply.
There is no data on slipped disks. With that being said, several of the top sports medicine facilities around the US use FieldTurf to rehab their athletes. Several long term care facilities also use FieldTurf to help their patient’s rehab.

Inconclusive. But there are rumors that the Twins are willing to make some adjustments to the Metrodome field specially for Joe Crede. Here's a leaked diagram:

It looks like they''ll be replacing the existing turf with something else, presumably something that would be easier on his back. Possibly some sort of Sleep-number type material? How can we find Joe Crede's sleep-number?

While haasertime asked a "FieldTurf guy" about Crede's back, I went a step further and consulted a friend who is a doctor. It's a PhD in Sociology but he demands I call him Doctor. He says the FieldTurf is going to be a huge problem. He even provided these images to explain.

As you can see on a grass field, Crede dives with the greatest of ease.

But on the Metrodome Field Turf, any movement snaps his back in two. It looks painful.

Luckily, I contacted Adidas and they said they are working on a shoe for this very problem. Unfortunately, Crede is still under contract with Nike, so there is a good chance we won't see this new kicks until 2010. And by that time, even if Crede re-signs, he won't need them.

These new Adidas TurfCleat 3000s are perfect for the older corner infielder with back problems who sign a one year deal with a team who plays half of their games inside. The real grass bottoms let you play on grass no matter what the field is made out of.

Tfrezac2002: I am stoked to have Joe Crede anchoring the left side of the infield. I remember, in '06, watching Twins/White Sox games and telling Haasertime that Joe Mauer and Joe Crede were going to be the superstars of the league for years to come. Both have battled injuries over their careers and that has kept them from winning the mutiple MVPs I predicted for them at that time. But, when they have been able to get on the field they are at, or near the top at their respective positions. I wonder if these same people saying that signing Joe Crede is a mistake will even hesitate to break the bank for Mauer in a couple years? I hope he can rebound after a couple of down years. That will free up Harris to play more short and that will in turn allow Punto to fill that giant hole we're going to have at second. Crede was the prize I had my eyes set on when the season ended and we've got him, so I can't say I'm disapointed but as long as Dougie baseball doesn't have a job I wont be happy until the Twinkies get him down in Fort Meyers.


bizmarkie507 said...

bizmarkie507: I'm excited, put him between Mauer and Morneau in the lineup. Now if only Gomez can stop sucking offensively then this will be a fun final year in the dome.

Remember how they played New York, New York after the last game at Yankee Stadium? Which Prince song do you think they will play at the dome?

tfrezac2002 said...

Preposterous statement alert! This one from Twins First baseman Justin Morneau: "'s a move that can help our team and we can add a little more power in there and a guy who is a Gold Glover, our left side of the infield will be as good as there is."

As good as there is? Even if Crede hits .320/35/110 and wins a gold glove (which I hope he does) But everyone knows what we'll get from short whether its Punto or Harris. .260/5/50 give or take. That doesn't sound like a all time tandem to me.

haasertime said...

yeah Nick Punto and 'as good as there is' should never be associated. Well, maybe defensively.

I think they'll play "let's go crazy"

soup said...

A back snapped in half in two is of those nagging injuries that makes it tough to stay on the field.

"nothing compares 2 U"

U being the Metrodome.
"Im like a bird without a song
Nothing can stop this lonely rain from falling (in the new stadium)
Tell me baby, where did I go wrong?"

Anonymous said...

Crede healthy = one less position on the field and in the lineup Gardy fools with.

IMO he hits 6th or 7th, which should upgrade the bottom of the lineup offense.