Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Joe Crede Limericks

There once was a ballplayer named Joe
To everyone he wanted to show
That his back was not sore
and demanded once more
to play baseball with Justin Morneau

There one was was ballplayer named Joe
whose agent wanted lots of dough
He'd drive in runs
if we cough up the funds
kind of like quid-pro-quo

The former third baseman for Chicago
Could sign with the Twins tomorrow
If he stays healthy
he'll be very wealthy
but if not we'll probably blow

Joe Crede's back is all hurt
It happened when he played on the dirt
And the turf in the dome
on which Crede would roam
To the DL he will surely revert

There once was a man named Borus
He wants Joe Crede to play for us
But for too much money
in this economy
But no Joe, our D is porous


haasertime said...

i know some of these don't really rhyme. oh well!

you should try one, it's really fun.

soup said...

You're not wrong, Haas. I dare anyone to write a limerick and not smile a little.

jammyman said...

would love to get in on the action guys! its your old friend kyle jamison...joshua told me about the blog and i would love to be a part of it! here is my crede limerick...

there once was a joe named crede,
who compared to mauer was speedy.
he signed with the twins,
to get him some wins,
and help boras pretend he's not greedy

Holmer said...

Well put Jam. I'd like to see the 90ft. Race. My money's on the high school gatorade national athlete of the year '01, due to Crede back spasms.