Friday, May 9, 2008

Theory on Neshek's Elbow

You never want to see a pitcher get hurt. Not when they are on your favorite team and especially not when they also like to blog. That's why it wasn't fun to see Neshek grab his elbow after throwing a slider to Joe Crede yesterday.

Here is short video clip of what happened. There is no sound on the clip but since it's taken from the White Sox broadcast that's probably a good thing.

Everyone seems to be calling it a strained right elbow, but I think it's obvious that it's a case of the dreaded "Wii Elbow."

On Friday May 2nd, less than a week ago, Neshek said on his own blog:

"Yesterday was spent hanging out with my family, playing with the dogs, playing some Wii and cleaning the house."

As a Wii owner, and I am sure TW83 can also attest, that I have oft injured my arm trying to throw a wicked slider in Wii Baseball or a hard forehand serve in Wii Tennis. My worry is, that in an attempt to mimic is throwing motion in video game form, he might have over-exerted his arm.

Neshek is getting the elbow looked at today by the team orthopedist and in all seriousness I hope everything is alright with the elbow and he gets back to early 2007 form soon. If you want more video of Neshek getting hurt during baseball games check this out.


Daymonster said...

So as you might have noticed, I added the last 5 comments on the side there. I think this is a good way to see if anyone commented on a post from a couple days ago or last year. I can take it off if no one likes it though.

soup said...

You guys remember the original mario party for 64? they had mini games where you had to rotate the joystick as quickly as possible. The best way to do that was to use your palm and then eveyone ended up with huge blisters on there palm. That was probably the most devastating video game injury I have ever had. Boy, who would have thought video games were such a rough sport?

haasertime said...

just like Joel Zumaya before him. Just imagine all the injuries that will happen when wiiFit comes out.

I dig the comment thing.

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TwinsWin83 said...

sometimes when I wake up the morning after a "wii-a-thon" my arm hurts worse then it did after throwing a 7-inning compelete game in baseball. I think it has something to do with the slightly awkward and abnormal motion used during wii. its not the same motion you would use in real life and therefore is harder on the arm.

on a side note....mario kart wii might be my favorite video game in about 10 years. any thoughts daymonster?

bizmarkie507 said...

i like the last 5 comments thing

tfrezac2002 said...

I also like the last comments.