Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Anniversary Part Two

By M. Haas

Editors note: This won't be worth reading if you don't know these people.

One year ago, Alright Hamilton officially became a blog by posting a short, stupid, bitchy piece about life. In that one year, a lot has happened. Let's take a look at some of our contributors, their contributions, and how their lives have changed within the past year.

Jeff Hudson brought us wonderful blogs such as The Common Language of Beisbol, Bald People of the World, and the most overtly political blog in AH's history, Take America Back. Jeff is an interesting dude, he's opinionated and bitchy, but intelligent. In the past year, Hudson has moved from Aspen to Hawaii, and then joined the coast guard. We look forward to more of his writing.

Pat McCarthy authored one of the most in-depth-random-topic articles ever by writing about his French football team. Hilarious. He was skeptical of the blogosphere, but eventually took a real liking to it. He is great at long rants about a seemingly small issue. Dilly Bars. Softball. He enjoyed writing so much, that he started his own blog, Arbitration Cogitation. I guess he doesn't enjoy writing too much, since he doesn't really write too much. When AH first started, Pat was in France. Then he moved to Wisconsin (!?!) and now he's in Sweden. It's nice to have him here, since I don't think I've actually seen him since that unforgettable month in late 2006 when we lived in the same house.

Tony Rezac is our movie buff. He likes movies. He has opinions on movies. He is under utilized. I bet he has other thoughts too, like, besides movies and Tv shows. But I'm not sure. In the past year, Tony has come home from Iraq, and is currently living the good life in St. Paul. Stay tuned for more?

Tim 'Soup' Rahn is a proud South Dakotan, a big Twins fan, and a smart, well spoken individual. He likes to write about the things that matter most to us. Like geography and Sidney Ponson. His articles are all different, but they're always funny. I can't make it to his birthday party this Friday though.

We've also had some wonderful one-offs from some expensive free-lance journalists. Krystal once wrote about her life as a sports fan. That article still stands as the only post by a female. Talk about a sausage party. She has since moved to Illinois and is still awesome. Troy wrote a wonderful preview for the 2007 MIAC baseball tournament. His predictions were dead on as well. In the past 12 months, he has since been diagnosed with leukemia, and then later, been declared cancer-free. We love Troy. Matt Pillsbury helped us gain some insight during that crazy Santana trade torture-rack. He also has his hand on the pulse of Twins gossip, and usually tips us off when Morneau is about to propose to anyone. Andy Bresnahan wrote about a show at first ave last year. He hasn't written since, but his numerous comments add to the greatness of AH. Bresnahan switched jobs and got engaged in the past year! Josh Holm's writing has been awfully sporadic, but when he writes, I make sure I read. His Ice Cream article is one of the most lovingly, fluffy and passionate articles I've ever read. We should start a series by Holm called, What I Like To Eat or something like that.

Mark Waters, in addition to posting the very first blog, continues to write quality pieces about....stuff. A fan of the Wolves, videogames, and Ron Coomer, Waters is a real dude. He spends a lot of time on all his pieces, and is greatly appreciated. He is moving back to the great state of Minnesota soon, so look out ladies!

Twinswin83 is a Twins fan. If he wasn't so darn busy teaching kids, he would be writing more great material, like Subdued March Madness, Halloween is expensive, and Death of an Era. He also writes great notes posts, movie and tv pieces, and informative baseball articles. And he gave us the iconic phrase, "kinda obscure" In addition to writing for Alright Hamilton in the past year, he graduated and got married. Now we just have to get him out of North Dakota.

Without Tom Daymont, this site probably would have shut down a long time ago. He does editing, design and layout - in addition to writing regularly. He also runs the hugely popular AH contests, such as the Bracket blowout and MLB pick-em. Unlike some of us, (me) Tom makes damn sure his articles are good before posting them. And his photoshops are great.

The readers and the commentators also rock. The TwinsGeek, also deserves thanks for helping this blog gain readers by simply adding us to the MNgameday feed.

I think we're all awesome. It's this community of writers, commentators and readers that make Alright Hamilton fun.

So I'd just like to say....



tfrezac2002 said...

Thank you to all of the contributors. When I was overseas this blog was my one connection to my once normal life. I think I may have to think about writing some more posts here soon.

Daymonster said...

Did we ever finish the Playoff challenge?

brex said...

Wow this is a lot more organized than yesterday. Now I see clearly how jawesome to the extreme this random blog has been.

You never know how much can be said about nothing until you try.

TwinsWin83 said...

a blog about nothing.

that has a cliche'd, yet appropriate ring to it.

Pat said...


Good work as always turning something that could be incredibly stupid and non-sensical and making it cool. Like your Dylan glasses. You'll be happy to know that they are 'cool' here. Seriously.

I will try and get some updates on my blog going. Basically getting settled in (read:too lazy).

But it's great to have a tie back to MPLS. Some guy on the team here was wearing a Twins shirt, prompting me into 'We're gonna win, Twins...', and him talking about Twingo. Good times. On the interesting/not so good times scale: four people cramming stuff into two basement rooms.

Cripes, you need to love college. And the Tentatively Titled Turbosexuals. Although I guess after two years it may not be tentatively...

To another great year at AH!