Friday, May 23, 2008

Aaron Gleeman's New Title Image

Aaron Gleeman, the most popular Twin blogger (It says so right there his visitor counter at the top), held a contest a month ago to find a new logo for his site. The classic blue block and white cursive font was going away and his vast readership was not only going to create the logos but also they were going to pick them!

I didn't read the post in time to send in a logo (I was in rural Illinois) but I did see the crop of logos that were being voted on when I returned to civilization.

None of them really tickled my fancy, so I quickly came up with a few ideas of my own. Here they are: (click on them for the full size)

I sent them to Gleeman knowing full well I missed the deadline. Sadly I didn't get a thank you, let alone an acknowledgment that I sent something in. (tear)

If you haven't been to Gleeman's site lately here is the image that won. It's not bad by any means it just doesn't appeal to me.

I am sure I only like them better than the ones submitted because they were my creation but I am interested in what you guys think. The last one is my favorite so I also made an AH! version of it.

I like the way we have it formated now, but I am always willing to change it up if the readership demands it.

When are we going to the Steve Wilkos show anyway?


Josh's Thoughts said...

Out of the ones Aaron had to choose from, I definitely prefer any of the ones you made. The one you made for AH! would be a great new look for this site, but of course the one already existing at the top works well too.

Nice job!

haasertime said...

thats really awesome. Is there any way we could do a rotating title image?
kinda like Greet Machine.