Friday, March 14, 2008

Women Love Me on My Space

I don't mean to brag or anything but I am a pretty popular guy on the internet. I get a lot of friend requests on My Space. I mean A LOT. Check out this one I got from Martha today. She is hot, and she wants to be my friend. I don't even know her, and she wants to be my friend.

I'm a little concerned with how she is dressed in her picture. Don't get me wrong I find her clothing choice and pose appealing, it's just that I don't want all my close friends to be parading around for other people like that. Call me old fashion but I like my random internet friends be a little more conservative.

If this had happened just once, I wouldn't be bragging. But, I get probably like 5 or 6 of these requests a week! I even got a request from Ashley Alexandre Dupre, she is the high priced call girl involved in the Gov. Spitzer story. She wanted to be my friend. I don't know if it's my profile picture (it makes me look really good) or if it's my interests in movies, music and sports, but for some reason the women just flock to my My Space page.

Add that to the fact I have like a hundred friends of facebook, and it's hard to argue that there is anyone more popular than me.

Also, in an unrelated story, my Halo and Call of Duty clan, the Knights of Columbus have been served with a letter from the Real Knights of Columbus (the Catholic fraternal organization) telling us to "cease and desist" all uses of the name or we will be served with Trademark Infringement. You can check out the letter here on our blog.

Yes, I am in a Halo/Call of Duty clan. Yet, Martha still wants to do me.


haasertime said...

dude Martha is hot. You better have approved her request.

speaking of social networking spam, I have had three people write on my wall talking about ringtones. And these are real people that I've actually met. Somehow, their accounts were hacked. I blame all those dumb applications.

that cease and desist story is good. check it out.

bizmarkie507 said...

I'm a sucker for the snorg Ts and girls in the myspace advertisements.

Notebooks said...

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haasertime said...

spam on a blogpost about spam. i love life.

Daymonster said...

A hug.