Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Truth Behind the Sandlot.

So I am packing up to move to a new apartment. And everyone knows the best thing to watch while packing is a classic movie that you know every line to and yet has unlimited playability. It was like a sign from God when I turned on the TV and The Sandlot was on. Like I said, I know every line from the movie but I noticed something I had never seen before while watching it this time. Something that if the latest controversy in baseball hadn't been under the spot light, it might have slipped by me once again.

I am talking about the obvious fact that Benjamin Franklin Rodriquez is clearly on some sort of performance enhancing drugs. "The Jet" as most people know Benny by, shows multiple undeniable signs during the film.

First, there is Benny himself, he is leaps and bounds above all his other teammates. He can pickle with the beast and hit the cover off of a baseball. Superior genetics you might say? Maybe. But why is he still on a team with a bunch of scrubs instead of the organized teams they often challenge? My guess he Benny's fear of the random drug testing procedure these organized leagues utilize.

Second, when the sandlot gang is at the carnival, Benny offers to pay for all the kids rides. He says "This one's on me." Where does a twelve year old boy who plays ball all day get that kind of money? Sound like he's not just using the 'roids but also dealing. Not to mention the brand new PF Fliers he pulls out. Those were not cheap back in the day.

It's really a shame even after using a concoction of what I predict to be HGH and anabolic steroids, it was only good enough to pinch run for the Dodgers. Benny should be banned from baseball and the Sandlot should be removed from store shelves. These role models are not good for our children.


haasertime said...

the heroes just keep on falling.

TwinsWin83 said...

yeah yeah.