Friday, March 21, 2008

Old Faces, New Places: Twins Edition

By Michael Haas

One of the first websites I created was called The Ex-Twin Update. As a fan, sometimes it's hard to let go of the players we loved. It doesn't make a lot of sense on paper, but I really do want to know how Eddie Guardado and Doug Mientkiewicz are doing.

Twins of 2007 no longer with the club:

Jason Tyner - The Hit Machine was released this winter, and was signed to a minor league deal by the Indians. Last Summer, Tyner hit his first home run in 1,220 at-bats. It was one of the highlights of the 2007 season. Guess where he hit it? That's right, Jacobs Field. The word is the Indians are trying to turn him into a power hitter. Good luck.

Lew Ford - A fan favorite and computer nerd, Lew was outrighted in October. I'll always remember Lewis for the story that Gardenhire told about how he saw Ford and some of his friends eating dinner while on a road trip. Gardy thought the guys were former college team mates of Lews, so he went to introduce himself. Lew introduced them as his Doom friends who he met online. Gardenhire turned and walked away. Ha. So now I can only assume that Ford has become obsessed with DragonBall Z or other nerdy Japanese stuff. Because he's decided to play for the Hanshin Tigers. Imagine that.

Rondell White - Retired. It's a shame. I really thought you could have fit well as a 4th outfielder/DH/veteran presence. Just kidding.

Torii Hunter - Signed by the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, California, 92806. More on this next week.

Johan Santana - Traded for four players to the Mets. Let's not talk about it.

Jason Bartlett - Will start at shortstop for the Tampa Bay 'Not The Devil' Rays. It seems like we spent more time worrying about his progress in the minors than we spent appreciating his solid play in the majors. But we'll always have The Run of '06. Jason Bartlett, we hardly knew ye.

Matt Garza - Talk about 'gone before his time.' We never saw exactly what Garza was capable of while he was in Minnesota. He'll join James Shields and Scott Kazmir in the Rays rotation - those three will be pretty good. Too bad the Rays don't have Delmon Young anymore, or they might have a shot at 3rd place in the division.

Sidney Ponson - The Texas Ranger signed him to a minor league deal in March, for some reason. Could you imagine what his ERA would be if he pitched a full season down in Arlington?

Ramon Ortiz - After some success as a reliever for the Rockies at the end of '07, Ramon can't find a job. He's still a free agent. I liked him, even though he couldn't pitch very well. When he was traded from the floundering Twins to the pennant racing Rockies, he said, "I don't want to go, I like it in Minnesota."

JD Durbin - Out of options during spring training last year, Durbin was released by the Twins and picked up by Arizona, released then picked up by Colorado, Boston, and finally the Phillies. The Real Deal is currently battling for a bullpen job.

Jeff Cirillo - Like Ramon Ortiz, Cirillo and his salary was dumped late last season, and now he can't find a job.

Ah, now I feel better that I know where those guys are and what they're doing. And Doug Mienkiewicz looks like he'll start for the Pirates this season. Look out NL Central.


bizmarkie507 said...

I love Dougie Baseball, I can't wait for him to play for the twins again.

haasertime said...

This is tfrezac2002 posting as haasertime. Piggy Lecroy is struggling with the A's this spring. Batting .150 with one run. And of course, no stolen bases.

Holmer said...

I'm glad Lew found where he belongs. I'm going to miss his weirdness.

I have a feeling Matt Garza could shock the world.