Sunday, March 30, 2008

I will NOT boo Torii Hunter

By Michael Haas

Torii Hunter gave Twins fans joy and fun during his seasons in the sun. He represented the Minnesota Twins superbly for the past five seasons. He had his downsides, like his inconsistent play and his perceived inability to keep his mouth shut, but I believe Torii brought much more good than bad to the Twins.

Then Hunter left Minnesota.

The Twins offered him a three-year, $45 million contract, the Angels offered a 5-year, $90 million deal. For the Twins, it would have been dumb to give that kind of money to the centerfielder. For Torii, it would have been dumb to not take the Angels deal.

So why would I even think about booing Torii Hunter?

Would I boo him because he left Minnesota? No, I understand why he would want to play for a contending team and make a lot more money and secure his livelihood for FIVE more years. We all knew he was going to leave - I mean, we should have traded him.

Would I boo him because I once loved him but now feel scorned? No, because that's stupid. That would be letting my emotions get the best of me, like wishing an ex girlfriend would be hit by a train. Rise above it.

Would I boo him because he was an over rated, loud and ugly baseball player? No, it's not his fault that he was over-rated. I think he gave a great effort everyday when he was here. He said a lot of dumb stuff, but he said a lot of funny and real stuff too. And he's not ugly - he has a nice smile.

There is no reason to boo Torii Hunter. In fact, I might even cheer for him. Ya know, just to thank him for his years of entertainment, his helping bringing 4 division titles to town and being a true Twin for seven years.

There is no reason to boo Torii Hunter.


soup said...

wow. I forgot about that cover!

I don't know any ex-twins that I would boo...even AJ

Is everyone going tomorrow?

Daymonster said...

It's sad none of those players remain. And none of them retired.

I will not be there, but I will be watching it on

haasertime said...

I'll be there. We have upper GA so hopefully we'll camp out under the Hrbek banner in right.

bizmarkie507 said...

that cover makes me sad. I hope people don't boo Torii, but I know some dumbasses will.

Holmer said...


I think it's on ESPN2 for those of us not attending nation wide.

I will boo the people who BOO him.

Isn't there some sort of going away presentation for Torii during the pregame activities tonight?

Daymonster said...

they are doing some montage i hear, and giving him in GG tomorrow.

Holmer said...

If your plans include Booing are former All-Star, you should consider reading his comments written in Sid Hartman's column in today's Star Tribune.

He claims that we should miss him more than Santana. It's hard to say who I'll miss more, but considering that Johan is the Best Pitcher in the world and Torii was an above average hitter with dazzling fielding abilities. I think it's his charisma we will be missing most.

So, I will miss Johan's K's, ERA, and pure dominance more.

TwinsWin83 said...

That is my favorite cover of any sporting magazine ever. Even better than the SI cover with Gladden being tagged out by Greg Olson at home in the 91' series. I've had it hanging on my wall for 5 years now.

I really cant imagine how anyone could boo Hunter tonight, did they not hear his interview at the Dome yesterday? The dude misses Minnesota and loves Minnesota. Anyone on the face of the planet would have left for LA under the same circumstances.

I hope he gets a nice long standing ovation when he comes to bat for the first time tonight. Im pretty sure Torii Hunter was my favorite Twin since Greg Gagne. It is going to be tough to see someone else standing in center for the Twins on opening day.

bizmarkie507 said...

hey haas, Different strokes for different folks was that annoying phrase we were trying to think of.

At least I think you were the person I was having this conversation with.

haasertime said...

I'm happy to report that Torii was given a lovly standing ovation when he was introduced in the lineup. The jumbotron showed a minihighlight clip and then said, "thanks for the memories" He tipped his cap and smiled.

The boos were audible when he caught a ball or came up to bat later in the game, but then people would deliberately cheer just to drown out the boobirds.

Thats not the phrase i was thinkin of, bizmarkie. It's like uh.... something real dumb. i thought of it once, and i'll think of it again.