Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Old Faces, New Places. Part 2

A look back at off-season moves
By Michael Haas

Perhaps the two best players to switch clubs over the winter did so in the most annoyingly drawn out fashion possible. I'm talking about those two pitchers, Johan Santana and Erik "with a K" Bedard.

Stop the presses. I just realized that I have no desire to compare the two pitchers, gauge their worth and then analyze the prospects for whom they were traded.

I'll break it down really quickly for you:

Santana is way way better than Bedard. He was traded to the Mets for four players - - none of them technically major-league ready.

Bedard was traded to the Mariners for young outfielder Adam Jones and four prospects.

Here are the differences between the two trades:

1. Bedard sucks compared to Santana.

2. Santana was essentially demanding a record setting contract extension from whichever team he was traded. Bedard has two years left until he becomes a free agent, and signed a $7 million deal with the M's a few weeks ago.

3. Santana's numbers will improve and the Mets will win a lot of games. Bedard won't be that

I think the Matt Garza for Delmon Young trade is just as interesting as the big guns. Matt Garza will be very very good for the Rays for many years to come. And Delmon Young is going to be awesome for a long time.

to review:

Bedard - Mariners. They should finish in first or second place this season.

Santana - Mets. They should finish in first or second place this season.

Garza - Rays. They should finish in fourth place.

Delmon - Twins. They should win the World Series this year.


Tricia said...

Love, love, that analysis! Short, sweet and big time optimistic.

Holmer said...

Optimism... You make it sound so factual. I hope you are correct on all accounts.

TwinsWin83 said...

rational should be your middle name mike.

Anonymous said...

Erik Bedard does not suck and I predict he will have a better year then Johan. He had a better year last year as well.

haasertime said...

i said he sucks compared to santana. career wise.

we'll see who has the better year. I'll bet you 10 blog points that Santana has a better year. whoever you are.

TwinsWin83 said...

i thought we had taken care of anonymous assholes posting on this site. I dont mind slaming each other from time to time on each others opinions but nothing is lamer then someone who does so under and 'anonymous' title. nasty.

soup said...

bedard's ERA was only .17 lower than santana's and he pitches about 40 fewer innings than santana...so the argument could be made that he wasn't better.

I think anonymous is just trying to get our goats. I don't think any rational person could argue that bedard is going to have a better year than santana. of course, it is possible...anything in baseball is possible. But, santana is moving to the national league, a pitchers park, a better offense, ect.

bizmarkie507 said...

it still hurts alot to see pics of santana in a mets uniform. Caan we not post any more of these pics?