Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Quick Thursday Note

By Michael Haas

- TwinsGeek has an emergency notice for us. He notes that the Twins payroll for 2008 is going down, despite league revenues going up about 9% This is nicht gute. Read it; Twins fans should not take this laying down.

- My friend and I were putting together a list of crazy thoughts and unanswerable questions, but stole our thunder.

- I'm mad at KFAN's Common Man for the first time in my life. All he does is talk about NFL playoffs. I need some ack-ack-a-dack. I don't care that much about the playoffs, I just don't, and he's not going to get me to change. So I flipped to 1500 and someone was talking to a "real life superhero." He sounded like a nerd. He talked about how he walks the streets, in a super hero costume, and helps people. Check out the 'reals' website by clicking here. And read this good story about them in City Pages.

Links by The Daymonster

- Many of you have read this but ESPN's Buster Olney says the Twins should start the 2008 season with Johan.

- I feel like eventually no one will celebrate Columbus Day.

- Do you ever get those anoying emails about a woman ambushed outside a wal-mart or a petition you should sign to get them on Exterme Home Make-Over? This site is my go-to site for all things that seem suspicious on the web.

- I am a big fan of Eli's Dirty Jokes on YouTube. This is the funniest one.

- Jon Lajoie is just a regular every day normal guy. And here is the follow up. Warning there is swearing involved.


soup said...

But while Harris appears to be the front-runner for the job right now, Gardenhire was quick to point out that it won't just be handed to the newcomer.

"We've got Nick Punto as an option, too, and I like the heck out of him," Gardenhire said. "I enjoy watching him play and he plays the game the right way. He had a little bit of trouble offensively last year, but don't forget what he did the year before. We really have two guys that are going to battle for that job and it's going to be a good competition."

...which further supports my theory that Punto has incriminating photos of Gary in women's underwear.

Ryan said...

Common rocks... A couple thirteen-fourteen times over!