Monday, November 30, 2009

Turkey Coloring Contest Winners

Narrowed from thousands of submissions, here are the top three candidates for 2009 Alright Hamilton Oh, That's A Turkey, Alright Coloring Contest of Thanksgiving, Third Annual.

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soup said...

Okay, so I voted for myself. So what? Favre is THAT AWESOME!!!! I LOVE SUPERBOWLS!!!!!

Any vote against Brett is a vote against Thanksgiving.

I am, however, a little upset at how good BronxBoi Turkey looks. Damn, that guy is good.

Bryz said...

Yeah, BronxBoi's does look pretty good. Sadly...

Hey, I'm in the lead so far! Sorry soup, but a vote against Target Field is a vote against the Twins, and I'm afraid I can't do that. Besides, it took me forever trying to get all of the white out from the original turkey just so it would look transparent.

Walk On Boy said...

Favre. Because Favre IS a turkey. And that makes it the most beautiful of all.

That and if I had to use a computer to color a turkey that's exactly what it what look like.

Open note to announcers: It's not exactly like Favre turned around last years Lions. And as much as it pains me to say, both the Vikings and Favre are playing at a supremely high level. It's actually quite disgusting because on a pure football level they are fun to watch.

TwinsWin83 said...

Whats with Yankee turkeys blood-shot eyes?

Roid side effect?

Bryz said...

Yankee turkey is seeing red due to anger that Jeter or Teixeira didn't win MVP.

Either that or it's angry that the Yankee baseball is hot glued to its wing.

soup said...

Farve Turkey will not go quietly into the night. Just took the lead, suckaz. Now with 8,000,000 votes (I assume the poll counts in millions of votes), it's Farve Turkey's poll to lose.

Next week, by the way, will be Brett Farve Week at Alright Hamilton! That's okay isn't, Haas?


haasertime said...

alright soup, if the favre turkey somehow wins, we'll have favre week starting monday. voting closes sunday.

bronxboi2 said...

It's not a baseball, it's muthafuckin' world championship ring!!!

Bryz said...

Doesn't matter, your turkey still is upset that it's been stapled to a wing. A wing that my little cousins probably ate for Thanksgiving.

I must admit, I'm a bit tempted to self-stuff the ballot box for my submission.