Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A note on the word 'Bum'

Did you know the word, 'bum' can be used as a verb? It sure can. According to the dictionary:

Informal. to borrow without expectation of returning; get for nothing; cadge: He's always bumming cigarettes from me.
It's a lot like cadge. It's often used in reference to a cigarette. Hey, can I bum a cigarette. Twinssisters were able to offer another instance: Hey, can I bum a ride.

Those are the only two things that one can 'bum'

Crazy old bum sings Christmas Carols

Bob Dylan released a Christmas album this year, and recently debuted this video for Must Be Santa

I can't decide if the party depicted is the most awesome thing ever, or some place between hell and highway 61.

Bumming around Metrodome pays off for Twins fans

A couple Saturdays ago the Twins held that big garage sale. I was pretty excited about it.I had planned on buying a bushel of 1997 Twins pocket schedules and using them to wallpaper the den. The event was supposed to begin at 10am on Saturday, which is when my friends and I arrived. That's when we saw it: the line wrapped from gate H to gate F, in other words, three fourths of the way around the Metrodome. So we went to eat pancakes instead.

We were content with what we had gathered the night before. After a night on the town, we had biked over to the dome. There were people camped out in front of Gate F, waiting for the garage sale to open. It was hilarious. So we did what anyone would do at 3am on bicycle near the dome: we had a bike race. During the rear parking lot leg of the race, I spied a pile of red dirt. It was sitting in a dark corner of the parking lot, so we went over to check it out.

Sure enough, it was the dirt from the playing field at the Metrodome. And amid that dirt was a game used baseball, and a bunch of promotional baseball cards. We stuffed the red topping and clay in our pockets.

We then biked across downtown and sprinkled some dirt at the foundation of Target Field.
Twins won't look like bums next season (new uniform closer)

The tweaked Twins script looks like garbage on the regular home uniforms. Compare:


haasertime said...

Remember that neat Doc Ellis No-No graphic youtube vid Soup posted last Friday? Want to watch some of the actual footage from the LSD no-hitter?

Well you can't, because baseball has seized the tapes and won't let anyone watch them. I can't imagine why.

So sign this petition

soup said...

I kind of fun asking people if you can bum nine smokes.

Who won the bike race?
My guess: everyone

But on a serious note, Haas, you creep around the Dome late at night way too often.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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