Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yankees Just Bought the Rights to Jesus Christ

Just Minutes ago, Jesus Christ signed a 6 year 185 million dollar contract in hopes that he will produce a few miracles and help a few bounces go the Yankees way.

The lack of a Salary Cap in Major League Baseball is a complete joke. I know this is your favorite sport Haas (Twins are my favorite team of any sport) but this spending whatever you feel like is ruining the game, and has been ruining it for a long time.


haasertime said...

no, a salary cap is dumb. Besides, it will never ever ever happen no matter what, so it's not even worht discussing.

I'm glad the Yankees signed him. He'll be good for a couple years, but there is no way in hell he will be good for eight freaking years. Eight Years.

Have you ever heard of profit sharing? The Twins get money from those dumbass high payroll teams. And a high payroll does not guarantee success. This system has helped the Twins. While they hand out long contracts to old guys, the twins build an organization top to bottom. btw, fuck the Yankees.

bizmarkie507 said...

well obviously the players union would have a one thousand percent chance of going on strike if a cap was ever introduced, but its just so lame.

The main reason why I hate this whole. the Yankees can spend whatever they feel like, is because Salaries are getting more and more absured, because there really isnt a limit. Remember when ARod signed that 250 million dollar deal and everyone was like, OH my god! well contracts keep getting closer and closer to 250. The amount of money in these contracts continue to grow exponentially just about. Every year a new free agent will get the highest contract for the pitcher in the history of baseball.

Sorry I'm just so sick and tired of pro sports salaries going out of control, especially considering how this economy is basically in a depression. Carlos freaking Silva makes 20 times as much money as the president of the united states makes. Stephon Marbury makes over 50 times as much, and at least Silva doesnt spend every game on the bench.

bizmarkie507 said...

ANd I am venting here, I'm just really reactional right now and jaded towards pro sports.

haasertime said...

i understand that the spending is out of control, but you gotta understand that team and MLB revenues grow every year, so of course salaries will grow too. if this recession sticks and revenue goes down, salaries will too.

I wouldn;t worry about it. the Twins can still compete, and when the Yankees fail, it'll be that much sweeter.

bizmarkie507 said...

not to mention price of admission always grows as well