Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We take Twins blogging seriously

Well, if no one else is going to post anything... Let's see...

Oooh, The movie Bad Company is just starting on Korean TV. Do you want me to live blog it for you so you can feel like you're actually here with me watching Bad Company? You doooooo?

They're in Prague. Chris Rock is playing chess with that Russian guy from Fargo (the movie, not the town). Hopkins walks in. He wants a guarantee Russian guy is good for it.

In 10 days Hopkins and rock get the device. Russian is mad Hopkins was late. Hopkins seems unapologetic for his tardiness. Additionally, Hopkins is wearing a leather coat with a big fur collar.

Hard rock/techno music starts. Hopkins stealthily slips something into the briefcase of that crappy new heart surgeon that replaced that black guy on Greys.

Rock is getting followed by bad guys. Monks are singing. The music is really picking up right now. uh oh. UH OH!

Russians are shooting machine guns! Hopkins saves Rock.

Rock says, "You're jeopardizing the mission!"

Hopkins says, "You are the mission."

Now people are in an office starring at lap tops and talking about nukes(nuclear weapons). And commercial. Channel change.

Okay it looks like a movie is starting on channel 36. Let's see what it is. Booyah! Cruel Intentions 3. Never have I been so happy to see a movie I never knew existed. What time is it? Jesus, that late? Oh, well. Must. find out...who has the cruel intentions and what the exact cruel intentions are...that the title eludes to...

Credits come on to a rock and roll song that is soooo California. We see pictures of beaches. Oh, now a plane lands. A handsome devil gets off. I can't place him, but I feel like he's been killed in a number of horror movies.

He gets into a limo with his suit cases with a babe. Wait, babe gots attitude and rejects him. He follows in a cab. She says, "If we ride together we arrive together." Sounds like Hollywood talk if you ask me.

They are at some kind of school. It may be a college. Babe's name is Cass. She said, "Daddy donated a wing." So, she has a nice dorm room. Hunky-frequently-killed-in-horror movie guy gets a roommate that is sickly.

Horror guy's name is Jason. Despite Cass's evilness, he likes her. Again, dis bitch got 'tude so she likes some other guy that is rich.

More crappy California garage band music. A bunch of new people. A couple seem like hippies. Two seem like go getters. One of the go getters is English. Oh, wait I think English guy is the same one that is rich that Cass likes.

Bombshell, he is a prince and is rich.

Jason bets Cass that she can't sleep with him. He ups the bet to 10Gs and says that she can't also sleep with Patrick this weekend. Who's Patrick? Not sure. The plot thickens.

Cass is golfing in a sports bra. Not that I noticed. She has a Louis Vuitton visor. What's with female golfers and visors? I'm talking to you, Mom.

Okay, Patrick is the sickly roommate. We got that settled. Cass is getting her fake mack on with Patrick. She is wearing a bikini and asks him if she can show him something in her room. It's a short story she wrote. Patrick loves it. She tries to kiss him. He says, " I don't understand." But then they start tongue kissing. She's audio recording it for proof. We don't know what happened between the two, but she presents the tape to Jason. He pays her, but says she only half done. Not sure what that means. I think 20k are available, 10 for Christopher and 10 for Patrick.

Christopher, the British guy (I don't think he's an actual prince, but he says he knows Prince William) is having a date with Cass. Patrick comes in with flowers. Cass acts like he doesn't know her. Patrick tells Christopher that they slept together. Patrick gets the tape out of her purse and plays it for them. Christopher storms off. Patrick is not sickly any more. IT WAS ALL AN ACT! We were all played, but not as bad as Cass was played. So Cass gives the 10K back to Patrick because he was the one that sponsored Jason's bet.

Okay, going to bed. Thanks for visiting our blog today, people.

You're welcome.


Daymonster said...

What happened in Bad Company?

Also, it bothers me when people say labtop when it's laptop.

soup said...

I don't know what happened in Bad Company. I mean, I saw it before, but...

I also hate labtop. Wait, I wrote that? balls. I'm changing it, but then, I'm seriously going to bed after that.

Anonymous said...

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