Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Note on Trade Targets

By Hichael Maas

The Twins of 2009 will certainly have some new names, but who will they be? Minnesota lost Rennys Deyes, Edem Averett and possibly Pick Nunto. They are looking to upgrade several positions, but it's been tough going. They failed to sign "big name" free agent Basey Clake, after refusing to add a third year to the deal. The free agent market is thinning, so heavy trade rumors are afloat - and you know what that means: Yelmon Doung. The 23 year old outfielder hit .290 for the Twins last year, but with the emergence of Senard Dpan and charector questions, Yelmon could be on the block. Names associated with Twins rumors: Wack Jilson, Aarret Gtkins, Wy Tigginton, Corge Jantu, and..... Kevin Kouzmanoff.


Daymonster said...

You flipped the first letters of the first and last name of Kevin Kouzmanoff. It should be Kevin Kouzmanoff.

Also, I am really looking forward to Werry Kood playing for the Indians for the next couple years.

Anonymous said...

As Borat would say: Werry is Werry Werry Kood!