Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Nick Punto vs. O.J. Mayo

An interesting comment was left by Brex yesterday. It said, simply, "Nick Punto > O.J. Mayo."
I'm not a math genius, but I remember that the alligator always eats the larger. So, Brex must mean, Nick Punto is greater than O.J. Mayo. Let's quickly break down the argument.

Ovinton J'Anthony Mayo

Professional basketball player, Memphis Grizzlies
21 years old
skills: averaging 20 points per game as a rookie.

Nicholas Punto

Professional baseball player, Minnesota Twins
31 years old
skills: lifetime .252 batting average in eight seasons

The nod goes to Mayo in relative skill level, height and weight. Punto wins profession and age.

But what does 'great' mean?

- Very large in size
- Larger in size than others of the same kind
- Large in quantity or number
- Remarkable or outstanding in magnitude, degree, or extent
- Of outstanding significance or importance
- Superior in quality or character; noble
- Powerful; influential
- Eminent; distinguished
- Grand; aristocratic

Mayo wins: large
Punto wins: distinguished, influential, noble.

Nick Punto is great


haasertime said...

but seriously, check out twinsgeek's review of the Punto signing. You'll feel better about it.

question of the day: why are airplanes much more audible when it is below zero outside?

jon elliot said...

no, that shirt is great.

soup said...

If you asked me to give you three words to describe punto they would be: distinguished, influential, and noble. If you asked for a fourth adjective, it would be "sassy."

2006 or 2008 Punto as a shortstop are worth the signing.

Ovinton J'Anthony? Really?

brex said...

wait, why does Mayo get the nod for skill level?

Punto plays a pretty important position on defense.

Punto: FP: .976 RF9: 4.08
M.Young: FP: .980 RF9: 4.53
D.Jeter: FP: .975 RF9: 4.17

Agreed, not as good as these two gold glovers but punto is no slouch.

How does Mayo do with the little things like turnovers and defense?

Mayo: A/T: 1.067
B.Roy: A/T: 2.595
R.Felton: A/T: 2.518

How does he do against others that have scoring ability?

Knicks/ Crawford + Roberson/ 13 of 23 FGs/ 34 points

Suns/ Barbosa + Raja Bell/ 14 of 21 FGs/ 37 points
Denver/ Jones + JR Smith/ 6 of 11/ 15 points

Golden State/ Azubuike + Nelson/ 11 of 21 FGs/ 27 points

Sacramento/ Martin + Douby/ 11 or 20 FGs/ 33 points

Mayo is a slouch

bizmarkie507 said...

O.J. Mayo is the first rookie since Magic Johnson in 1979 to score in double digits in each of his first 20 games. Yeah I'm so glad we traded him for Mike Miller and Kevin Love.

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