Friday, May 28, 2010

We got a win, you guys!

Well, we out scored them this series at least. That's something. As happy as I am to see Jason Kubel have a big game tonight, this series sucked. I was pissed off on Wednesday. I love the Twins, but normally don't get too emotionally invested in a game. On Wednesday, however, I was just pissed off. I couldn't laugh off the losses with a chuckle and a couple of cynical comments. There was rage in this gentle soul. Most of it, of course, directed at Nick Swisher. That dickfor. Lets do an exercise in which we substitute "Nick Swisher" for every time Louis CK says "deer" or "animal."

That's how I feel about Nick Swisher.

In lighter news, Vlad is coming to town! What he lacks in batting gloves he makes up for in grown-man-ass. You could set your beer on that free swinging ass. Not that I've ever thought of such a thing.

There were a couple of more things I was going to talk about, but they can wait. It's Memorial Day Weekend, people. This is no time to be inside reading baseball blogs. Go outside. Drink beer. Remember veterans. Be merry. Unless you're Nick Swisher.

Former Washington Senator center fielder Elmer Gedeon died serving our country on April 20th 1944.


Josh said...

Time for a small rant as the Yankees leave town:

I'm sorry, but the all-star voting needs to be addressed.

Justin Morneau would have a good shot at the AL MVP if the season ended today: .377 avg (1st), 11 HRs (5th), 35 RBI (5th), .685 SLG (1st).

And yet, he is in 2nd in the voting, nearly 150,000 votes behind Mark Teixeira, whose numbers are .216 avg, 7 HRs, 30 RBIs, .378 SLG. (Yes, Morneau's batting average is only .001 behind Teixeira's slugging.)

TwinsWin83 said...

Whats a dickfor?

soup said...

TO PEE WITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!