Friday, May 7, 2010

Orlando Hudson: shoe-in for fast-talking Hall of Fame

Orlando Hudson talks really fast. Fastest talker in baseball

But you can't be any ole fast-talking-joe-bag-o-donuts to get into the Fast-talking Hall of Fame. So let's look at how Hudson compares to his fast-talking contemporaries.

When Mr. Tesaverde wasn't teaching history at Bayside high, he moonlighted as a pitchman for various companies. True story: Jessie Spano almost set fire to her note taking paper trying to keep up with "Terrible" Tesaverde. That's HOF material right there.

Love him or hate him, Snow is by far the fastest Canadian Reggae rapper in the history of the world.

Any Outsider fans out there? Anyone? Well apparently this crowd is not as cultured in the ways of Korean Fast Rap as I. Because when it comes to fast rapping in Korean, well...Outsider is your man.

I think I heard a "why" and a "baby don't cry." I assume the rest is in Korean.

And we can't forget Bizzy Bone.

What's the record for the most curse words in a two minute baseball interview you ask? Well, it's a little off subject, but since you asked...

On that note, have a better weekend than Terry Crowley.


mark said...

"If she'd get her ass out to the fucking bars at night and go hustlin' around the god damn streets she might get a prick stuck in her once in a while."

-Earl Weaver

Wiser and truer words have never been spoken.

haasertime said...

the guy from the micro machines commercials.