Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Alright Hamilton Best of 2009

2009. It's all over. Two Thousand Nine. Done.

Why do we pronounce 2009, "Two-thousand-nine" ? We don't pronounce 1907, "nineteen thousand seven" It's nineteen-oh-seven." The only other year I can imagine that was pronounced using the word "thousand" was the year 1000AD. But I don't know if they had even invented that word yet.

I feel like when we look back at two thousand nine, we'll remember it as twenty-oh-nine.

It's been a good year here at Alright Hamilton. I guess using the word good is kinda relative to our goals for this blog; and we have none. But it was good in terms of fun, learning, discussion, laughs, and good times.

2009 saw Alright Hamilton welcoming a few new contributors, and lots of original content and analysis. We tried to sorta cover the Twins year, offering commentary on the Metrodome and Olde Tyme baseball. But standing apart from the other content was the introduction of BronxBoi, who taught us a little something about internet trolling and satirical writing, and in turn, taught us a little something about ourselves.

Anyway, here are some of the decent, non-bronxboi pieces of blogging that Alright Hamilton had to offer over the past year. It's pretty subjective, so feel free to throw in some of your favorites in the comment section.


Also, for good measure, here's the video montage. The baseball season, and indeed the year, truly was SCREAMS OF PASSION.


Anonymous said...

Godd "Best of.." choices. I would add the February 09 post about the best Twins free agent signings. Otis Nixon may not have added alot to the club, but he did give the Twins' PA announcer the chance to call him "Richard Nixon" and then correct that with "Amos Otis."

Happy New Year


Daymonster said...

two-double-oh-nine kind of sucked for me. But what helped me pull through was the sound, logic based analysis of AH! And for that I thank each and every one of you.

bizmarkie507 said...

It was a good run. I still have no idea what we're going to call this decade. 90-99 were the nineties, easy enough, what the hell is this gonna be?

soup said...

A good year, indeed.

I lived alone in a different country for almost all of twenty-ought-nine, so this blog has been a life-saver.

Thanks everybody. Except for the guy that called BronxBoi a "fuckwit." That's just hurtful. Be more constructive with your feedback.