Thursday, December 10, 2009

Price is Right LiveBlog

It's awfully cold here in Minnesota, so in an effort to hold the cold (opposite of 'beat the heat.' pretty good, huh?) I've decided to snuggle on the couch with some hot cocoa and watch the second half of The Price is Right

First up is a billiards table:

Troy (older fella with a black button up shirt and round belly) $1520
Paula: 1300
Molly (short asian woman in her 20's) 1200

Paula wins! Come on up.
and the prize is....... an ATV/ offroad vehicle!

The game is push-over, she has to find the right succession of numbers within a 12 digit number. She guesses 9568, she loses! It was obviously less.

Showcase showdown coming up next.

Carol: A GUY and a pastor at a church, steps up to the wheel. The crowd sighs "OHH" as he just misses a dollar, ends up with 15 cents. Says hi to his church and his family. a real guy. Lands on a dollar. He's over.

Jennifer: Bubbly Girl in Yellow shirt, rolls a 95. tough to beat.

Paula: rolls a 40. then an 85.

Jennifer is in! blows a kiss to the crowd.

Jennifer's showcase:
portable DVD player, Sony PSP and 25 games, a 32 gb iPod touch.
Gonna need those on your plane ride to the Dominican Republic! Whirl pools, nice!
Monster truck safari?!?!

And now.. Sweden? Luxury hotel in Stockholm!

It can be yours if the price is right!

She'll bid $19,050

Here's Levon's (short older black girl in a green top) showcase.

A membership to curves, she could use that.
Manna, California for a five day ski trip.

Nissan convertible! Talk about a shapely showcase, and it could all be yours if the price is right!

She bids $32,500

"we'll take a break and check the winner, we'll be right back"

Levons bid on the car package was $32, 500..actual retail price is.... $47,500
Jennifer's bid on the trip package was $19,050actual retail price..... $21,000

Jennifer wins! A heck of a guess. Trip packages are almost never more than $20,000, so she was pushing her luck there, and it paid off. Have fun in Sweden and the Domincan Republic. Say hello to David Ortiz for me!


Anonymous said...

It would be fun to have a special edition of TPIR with some retired MLB players whose reputations are questionable. Contestants could be guys lke Bonds and McGwire and Doc Ellis and R. Henderson.The host? None other than Ol' Pete Rose himself. Guerssing prices on luxury items would be easy. "Hey, I used to own a boat just like that!" or "Yeah, I spent a week in Tahoe one day!"

Live blogging is cool, although a critic might say it derives from Mystery Science Theatre 3000 and you can't top the original.


carl said...

It would be awesome, totally awesome, if Doc Ellis were on The Price Is Right. Too bad about that whole him being dead thing though...

I thought this was supposed to be Brett Favre week?

haasertime said...

Yeah, in terms of a LiveBlog, this one wasn't at all like MST3000, because it wasn't funny. It moved too fast for me to crack any jokes. This was more informational...about the price is right...episode of today.

Soup is the Favre expert around here. He has a painting of Brett as a centaur above his bed.

But if you want to read something about him, check out Joe Posnaski's recent article. Just google him.

soup said...

I can't stop thinking about "monster truck safari."

"He has a painting of Brett as a centaur above his bed."


Farve week was canceled because they lost last Sunday. Only winners get a whole week devoted to them.

And I'm lazy. But I do have a couple of Vikings related post ideas I've been kicking around. Stay tuned!!!! Also, BronxBoi emailed me his new "SABR stat." I'll try to get that up, but I move back to America on Tuesday. So I'll be a little busy.

p.s. I move back to America on Tuesday!!!!!!

plan your ticker tape purchases accordingly.

haasertime said...

The monster truck safari looked great. They looked like radded out versions of those wisconsin dells ducks. and they were painted like zebras.

That's a sweet name for a band, too. It's like,

"hey what are you guys doin tonight?

"oh I'm going to a show, man, Monster Truck Safari is playing at First Ave"

"No way!!!!!!!"

carl said...

Very good use of "radded", and thank you for telling me to google Joe Posnaski.