Friday, June 19, 2009

Twins stuff on craigslist

Matt Guerrier, Joe Nathan and Mike Redmond autographed baseballs.

"The balls themself retail 15.00. These are signed and are $20.00 each." This marks the first time Matt Guerrier has increased the value of anything.

Really cool set of seats from the DOME

For $150 bucks you can own three chairs from the Metrodome. They must have been removed when they built the two monster suites. For removing Viking fan puke, rinse in warm soapy water, air dry.

1991 World Champs Ornament

What better way to commemorate a championship than to hang something from your Christmas tree?

1987 World Champion Beer Stein

Apparently folks once drank their beer from something called a stein, but they've fallen out of favor, replaced by the wildly popular, "drinking straight from the can."

Bidding war of the century: 1987 Homer Hanky. Best offer gets it.

In your home, how many times do you need to commemorate 1987 World Series? What's the point of commemoration anyway? If you're snuggled in bed, don't just lay there doing nothing. The least you could do is commemorate the '87 champs with a $1,000 homer hanky quilt and matching pillow. Do you have an empty spot anywhere in in your house large enough to fit a baseball? Why waste that space when you could be commemorating the hell out of the '87 champs with an $800 autographed baseball? At that point it might be cheaper to just pay Les Straker to live on your couch.


brex said...

I wonder what my 1985 Kirby & Herby life size poster would go for

Daymonster said...

that's the exact same beer stein that some one jacked from my room senior year in college.

soup said...

I have a 2003 Homer Hanky pillow. My ex-girlfriend made it for me. But no matching blanket.

I've never been on craigslist. Isn't that where you go if you want someone to murder you?