Monday, June 22, 2009

Anxiety is a medical disorder

Friends, there is something very important we should talk about. Anxiety. This is a medical disorder that effects millions of people. This year we are coming to realize that Major League baseball players are not immune.

Too often we forget these players are people. Human beings like you and me. Yet we make jokes when they go on the disabled list. We chuckle at Dontrelle Willis' failures. We call Zak Greinke "Prozac Greinke." We smu...

Whoa, wait. Have you seen this?

WHAAAAAAAT?!?! That's so cool. This video should have a "Do not try this at home" warning. Because I want to try it and I'll probably get hurt. Then I'll sue Josh Womack.

Sorry, what were we talking about again? Who cares.

I got another picture of a really big cat fish. You wanna see it?
I'd thought you say that.


haasertime said...

I Cant tell which is more fake. The bat trick or the catfish.

Anonymous said...

Good ole movie tricks.

Daymonster said...

I think it's real, and I've been practicing with a wiffle ball bat all night

Anonymous said...

Any luck?

Daymonster said...

i can do half a flip alright, i can do the full spin but it looks strange and i drop it 60% of the time.