Monday, June 11, 2007

Ode to Chicken in a Biskit

By M.L. Haas

Oh, how I love you, Chicken in a Biskit
I much prefer you to a Triscuit
I eat you for dinner, I eat you for lunch
And that meal mid-morning, I think it's called 'brunch'
I eat you at work, I eat you at home
I eat you so often, I wrote you a poem
The doc says I'll die at age Twenty-five
But when I'm not with you, I don't feel alive
So when the waiter asks "What'll it be?"
Just reply, "Chicken in a Biskit, that'll be all for me"


Daymonster said...

I want to first say that I also love Chicken in a Biskit.

But, is there any real chicken in this biskit (and why is biscuit spelled incorrectly?). I don't know what would be worse, real chicken in a cracker that is not refrigerated, or fake chicken in a cracker that is not refrigerated.

"So when the waiter asks 'What'll it be?'
Just reply, 'Chicken in a Biskit, that'll be all for me'"

Haas, what resturant do you order Chicken in a bisket at?

the Dutchie said...

thanks for the poetry.

I love that poem. you need to make one about mcdonalds next.

I like triscuits better than those things.

Daymonster said...

For Triscuits to be good you need a topping. No topping necessary with Chicken in a Biskit.

Chicken in a Biskit- 1

haasertime said...

true. triscuits are great with topping, but they suck alone.

the side of the box says the second to last ingrediant is "dehydrated chicken" so yes, there is some. and it tastes wonderful.

i order c.i.a.b every restaraunt i go. they usually don't have them though. :(

brex said...

What a wonderful invention this is. What other flavors can we cram into a cracker? They should make BBQ ribs in a corn bread or ham in a dinner roll.

TwinsWin83 said...

Cheddar Triscuits are delicious.

Daymonster said...

do you remember ritz bitz sandwhiches with cheese, i used to love those things, then i bought them the other day and they were terrible.

I like Club crackers the best.

tfrezac2002 said...

1. Mikey, you are exactly right. Best ever.

2. Tom, while club are great crackers with a soft buttery flavor. They lack that "it" factor that the CiaB have. "It" being chicken of course.

3. Bres, you are truely on to something with this BBQ ribs in a cornbread idea. I expect you to have a prototype for me to to try when I get home.

4. My mom used to make these things with Triscuits where she would put peanut butter in the middle of 2 and then dip that in chocolate. If interested all Lynette.

5. Most over-rated snack cracker: Cheez-its. They have no redeeming quality about them. They are to put it plainly, gross.

soup said...

CIAB was far too expensive for my household. No coupon could even justify a purchase by my mother. We're not the fricken rockefellers over here!

My best friend John's mom was one of those moms that would by tons of snacks for their kids and their kids friends. I would eat CIAB at his house until he would make me stop or make me leave the premises.

Daymonster said...

tony, if cheez-its were overrated where does that put cheese-nips?

mark said...

I love c.i.a.b., but I can only eat about 15 at a time before I get sick to my stomach. Kind've like combos. The first 15 are delicious, but 16 and up make me ill.

Jeff said...

i am more of a cookie person then a cracker person.