Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Unique Vantage Point - Target Plaza.

Last night my friends and I decided to bicycle down to Target Field and hang around outside on the plaza. It was a nice little evening, and I highly recommend the experience to any Twins fan who doesn't have tickets to every game.

The plaza is a beautiful space, with green grass, huge baseball gloves and topiaries. Although the field isn't viewable, there are speakers carrying the radio broadcast of the game placed throughout the plaza. Which allows you to follow the action while you sit on that big gold glove or eat a sandwich. Also, you can bring your own beer and drink it all on the plaza. Of course, picturing me sitting cross-legged on the concrete drinking a beer and eating a sandwich outside a sports stadium might make you think I have nothing better to do. Or perhaps I wandered over from Mary's Place.

But I do. And I didn't.

I'm just drawn to Target Field like a moth to a lamp. It's fun to be around fellow Twins fans and soak up that outdoor baseball atmosphere. And make parents feel uncomfortable while they snap pictures of their kids on the big glove while we drink beer behind it.


Here's a really junky video I shot last night. As you may have noticed, i've had an awful case of bloggers block lately, so I was playing with the idea of doing some video blogs. Result: poor. I need to get an external mic and write down material prior to shooting the piece.


TwinsWin83 said...

I guess Waldo isnt familiar with the fist bump.

I like the video idea. This way we get to see your new Twins jacket and bucket hat. Personaly, Id rather see you interview in an ironicly serious suit and tie.

Delmon Young for President.

Carl said...

Waldo IS familiar with using one of those huge, bar-patio umbrellas on his bike when its rainy out! Pretty impressive actually when you think how he carries that thing from Richfield. The power of beer.