Friday, June 4, 2010

Teaching BronxBoi sabermetrics: BABIP

This is probably a terrible idea, but our judgment here at AH! is often clouded by our gigantic bleeding hearts for those that are uninformed. In this spirit I will attempt to educated the always-controversial Bronxboi in the ways of sabermetrics. He tried his own hand at sabermetrics, and I don't think anyone but himself was too impressed. So, in our first (and possibly last) installment we will be learning about BABIP.

Soup: You ever hear of BABIP?


S: alright, great. Got that out of your system?

BB: TWICE AS FAR WITH A CANDY BAR! Hahahaha. I'm so JK-ing. Yeah I know a lot about Bopit. I beat my nephew, Brian, at it like 4 times in a row last Easter.

S: No, idiot. BABIP! Batting Average on Balls In Play.

BB: I like the "Flick it!" It reminds me of when people in cartoons get boners.

S: My god.

BB: Remember when the priest on the Little Mermaid got a boner?!?! That shit was CA-RAY-Z

S: Seriously, focus for a second. This is important. BABIP is important in evaluating both pitchers and hitters. It gives you an idea on...

BB: What's Jeter's?

S: Well, I don't know off the top of my head. I'll look it up.

BB: I bet it's really good. Proly like 100.

S: No. The highest BABIP you can have it 1. League average is around .300, but it varies depending on specific players. If a player is young or in his prime and his BABIP drops significantly below his career norm and his flyball, groundball, and linedrive ratios stay relatively the same...he's probably been the victim of bad luck.

BB: Derek Jeter creates his own luck. Oh, and I'm sorry. I suppose the New York Yankees just lucked themselves into 27 World Series Championships?!?! Whatdaya think of your lucky BABIP now, sir? Irregardless, I think it's unconceivable.

S: Well, I tried.


Anonymous said...

BronxBoi reveals himslef as Jim Souhan's love child.


TwinsWin83 said...

you just cant talk to that BronxBoi.