Friday, December 10, 2010

Summing up the Wonder of the Internet

This is what happens when CraigsList, Google and Twitter work together in brilliant harmony.

Step 1: Stumble on a ridiculously overpriced item on CraigsList:

Step 2: Call them out by writing them a secretly snarky e-mail: (the other ornament mentioned in this message is a 1987 edition, listed here for $20.)

Step 3: Tweet about the amazingly high price and the inaccurate date of the items in the CraigsList ad.

Step 4: Receive two replies from the CraigsList ornament seller:

In between messages, the seller googles my e-mail handle, and replies with this:


Daymonster said...


I wonder if he means it's no longer for sale because he found a buyer or if he realized how valuable it really was and is going to let it eventually pay for his retirement?

brex said...

Its long longer for sale because I bought them to give to Haas for xmas.

Maija said...

Hahahaha... Wow. What a bunch of BS. These people did not talk to any knowledgeable friends and have no idea what they are doing. Seriously, some people think they have Baseball collectible stuff and its just worth SOOOO much money... Not usually the case.

I think my family has those ornaments (we have many). Probably got them for a couple of bucks.

soup said...


horray internet!