Thursday, November 11, 2010

How Not to Display Your World Series Trophy

The Twins announced a few planned improvements to their not-quite-new ballpark yesterday, including a big video board in right-field, more radiant heating and wireless. They will also try to eradicate some of the glare issues from the batters eye that the Twins constantly complained about, as if that were the reason Michael Cuddyer had a sub-par year. Still, it will probably have a greater impact on the teams performance than any other offseason move. (*hack*coughEricHacker)

What's most disappointing about all this is how Twins missed the opportunity to right a wrong. They should move the World Series trophy out of the exclusive Champions Club and into a public area. The only tangible items from Minnesota's only professional championships rest in a plush club reserved for the beautiful people. I bet Les Straker can't even afford to see the '87 trophy, and he helped win the damn thing. When the Twins were in the Metrodome, they had them in the lobby of their front office, which was accessible to anyone who wandered in from Puckett Place or the stadium concourse. But this was when the Twins were cool and didn't pander to the rich folk. It's kinda silly. It's like if the Declaration of Independence was the center piece of some la-ti-da restaurant for American financial barons and capitol lobbyists.

I wondered if this were standard practice around Major League Baseball. So I called and asked every club that had won a title since they began awarding the Commissioner's Trophy in 1967.

Diamondbacks ('01) - Lobby of front office.
Red Sox ('04, '07) - "Front office reception area"
Braves ('95) - Museum
White Sox ('05) - "Case by gate 4"
Reds ('75, '76, '90) - Hall of Fame
Royals ('85) - Hall of Fame
Marlins ('97, '03) - "Front office gate 4"
Angels ('02) - Display in main concourse
Yankees ('77, '78, '96, '98, '99, '00, '09) - Hall of Fame
A's ('72, '73, '74, '89) - Front office lobby
Mets ('69, '86) - Museum
Pirates ('71, '79) - Admin lobby - but "only one of them is here."
Cardinals ('67, '82, '06) - The trophies are currently in boxes, or something. They have no official home while they await construction of the Cardinals Hall of Fame in the adjacent Ballpark Village.
Giants ('10) - The only team I couldn't get a hold of. They probably haven't even decided yet.

These five teams don't care about their fans -
Dodgers ('81, '88) - Front office. Sounds like you'd have to take a tour to see them.
Tigers ('68, '84) - Champions club
Orioles ('83, '70) - Club Level
Blue Jays ('92, '93) - Admin lobby "but probably need a club level ticket to get there during a game"
Phillies ( '80, '08)- "In an office, not available to public."

So the Twins are definitely in the minority. If you want to see the 1987 and 1991 trophies, you'll need to be well connected, or rich, or stupid. Probably all three.

Or you could take a tour or check them out at TwinsFest, but that would defeat the point of this "research article."


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I remember being disappointed when I was given a tour of Target Field last winter and I found out that's where the trophies were being held. I remember writing on my blog that although Target Field would be a huge improvement over the Metrodome, there would certainly be tons of differences just based on which ticket you bought.

soup said...

William Jennings Bryan couldn't have said it any better. Stupid rich people. They have access to all the cool stuff.

Just kidding. They should put them both right in the middle of the batter's eye. Suck on that glare, Cuddy.

haasertime said...

Yeah, I had the same reaction, Andrew. When I went to the open house and then wrote my official review, it ended up devolving into a rant against the Twins enthusiastic application of their version of a capitalistic caste system.

And it looks like Morneau has jumped on the Complain Train as well. He actually e-mailed the Star Tribune to say the fences should be moved in. Who the hell does he think he is?

TwinsWin83 said...

I think you have to play in September before you have the right to vent about issues like that. Musta bonked his vagina as well as his dome when he slid into 2nd in Toronto.

bites said...

I went on a tour last week and saw them all locked up in the fancy-schmancy champs club. I love my Twins, but FUCK THEM for pulling that crap.