Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Twins Wreck White Sox

Frank did fine, but seemed to throw wild after he got a bit frazzled.

Last nights MVP:

Jesse Crain struck out Paul Konerko and Manny Ramirez with the bases to preserve a one run lead. Great Job.

He was the Crainwreck earlier this season, and was almost released. Then he became the Crain Train. How is this possible? Asian titanium ion balancing necklaces? Braided hemp necklaces? Buca shell anklet? Something non-jewelry related?

How did he get that nickname, anyway? Crain-Train.  It's genius. Perhaps a scout said his fastball looked like an Amtrak. Or maybe his father worked for Canadian-Pacific, and he called young Jesse, My Little Engineer. Probably something even more witty and cool. But the long, complicated story behind it will probably remain unknown to the general public. Forever.


bizmarkie507 said...

i miss calling him crainwreck. not really though i like this version of him alot better.

TwinsWin83 said...

Maybe he just likes to run the train. HEY-YO! Was I really the first one to think of that? Common.

I wrote the Phiten company an angry letter once when I got their necklace and it didnt improve my balance and fatigue. Atleast not accoring to my Wii Fit it didnt.