Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lost Posts: Rally Caps

Editors note: There's a bunch of stuff going on with the Twins, such as trade rumors and Neshek news, but that stuff isn't terribly interesting. So here's an unfinished post about rally caps, written by Daymonster. Unlike our last Lost Post, this really was written a long time ago.

5/29/08 -
So last night I was at the Cubs game, watching them come from behind in the ninth while simultaneously watching the box score of the Twins vs. Royals game do the same thing, but in even more dramatic fashion. So it got me thinking of late inning rallies and the use of the classic baseball superstition, the rally cap.

I thought we had talked about the use of rally caps before but I couldn't find anything about it. Anywhoo, last night with the Cubs down by one run in the bottom of the ninth fans around me started putting on their rally cap, most tend to put it on inside out, while I and others utilize the "mohawk" approach.

The history of the rally cap is generally accepted as beggining during the 1942 baseball season, when fans of the Detroit Tigers, while in attendance at Tiger Stadium, occasionally would wear their baseball caps inside-out as a makeshift talisman to generate a come-from-behind victory in the late innings of a baseball game.


Anonymous said...

Rally caps: kind of lame. Rally monkeys? Really, really lame.

Also: beach balls at baseball games. WTF?

-- SoCalTwinsFan

Daymonster said...

Haha, that was where I was going with that post several months ago... First off, when is it okay to use the rally cap? Some people were telling me to put it on when the game was tied... that doesn't seem right to me.

And like you said, how do people feel about rally caps?

soup said...

I like rally caps, but you're right. They can be a bit overdone. I alwasy try the inside-out mohawk. It never works. Ever. But I keep trying.